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At Farnworth Rose, our dedicated family law and divorce team has over 35 years’ experience providing specialist professional advice and support.

Our expert legal team is on hand to take your call and listen to your circumstances before providing advice on the next steps available to you.

At Farnworth Rose, we understand that it can be one of the most stressful times of your life when a family relationship breaks down. Our specialist solicitors will be there to handle your case with care and understanding to ensure a smooth resolution.

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How our family law experts support you

At Farnworth Rose, we want to make the process of instructing a family law specialist as clear as possible.

You can choose between fixed price packages and hourly rates to find the pricing plan that fits your circumstances.

You will also have the option of receiving as much support as you need, from a 30-minute consultation with a family law specialist to having an expert solicitor manage and complete the divorce process for you.

By contacting Farnworth Rose, you will have a legal professional on your side who is a specialist in areas including:

To find the support that suits your needs, call us today on 01282 695 400.

Did you know?

The costs associated with dealing with financial provision following a divorce can easily spiral out of control. There have been many horror stories reported in the media where couples have spent tens of thousands of pounds arguing over who gets what and how much maintenance should be paid by one spouse to another.

It does not have to be this way. A fixed price financial remedy package offers you a clear picture of what your legal costs will be.

Our specialist solicitors will be there to guide you through the four steps of the family matters process. At each step we will try to negotiate a financial settlement for you, allowing you to avoid the subsequent steps.

Could you use a fixed price service?

The fixed price service is ideally suited to anyone seeking a divorce with a genuine desire to reach a sensible financial arrangement with their spouse.

It is available to anyone who has combined gross assets below £500,000 and no assets outside England and Wales.

If you don’t qualify for our fixed fee service or you would prefer a different payment method there is no need to worry. We have outlined several funding options here.

Our specialist solicitors also offer the alternative of hourly rates to give you complete flexibility and freedom of choice. We can also arrange payment plans and loan funding in appropriate cases.

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