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Parent Package  

Includes: Will(s) and Letter of Wishes

Regardless of your age and whether you consider yourself to have any assets, if you have children you should have a Will in place. Without one, you will have no say over the care or upbringing of your children should something happen to you.

Your Farnworth Rose drafted Will contains a Guardianship clause which will explicitly state who you would like to take care of your children, giving you peace of mind that someone you trust will be appointed as their legal guardian.

The Parent Package also includes a Letter of Wishes, which enables you to give you the Guardian specific guidance on your children’s upbringing and can include anything from education to religion and healthcare preferences.

£200.00 plus VAT for one person and £300.00 plus VAT for a couple.

Essentials Package     

Includes: Mirror Wills and both sets of Lasting Powers of Attorney

If you die without a Will then the intestacy rules will apply to whatever you leave behind. It is a common misconception that your spouse will automatically inherit your entire estate, this may not always be the case.

Making a Will can help to protect your loved ones and ensure that your estate is dealt with in the manner that you choose and by those that you trust.

The Essentials Package also includes both the Health & Welfare and Property & Financial Affairs Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA). An LPA appoints someone to make decisions on your behalf in the event that you lose the capacity to do so yourself. Without Lasting Powers of Attorney in place the alternative is to apply for a Deputyship which can be an expensive, slow and stressful process for those involved.

£600+VAT (saving of £150+VAT compared with individual pricing).

Property Protection Package    

Includes: Mirror Wills, both sets of LPA and Life Interest Trust

Our Property Protection Package provides you will total peace of mind that your affairs are in order and you have taken steps to protect your assets for future generations. In addition to Mirror Wills and both sets of LPAs the Property Protection Package includes a Life Interest Trust.

The benefit of a Life Interest Trust is that when the first spouse passes away the survivor can continue to live in the house until they die, but at least half the value of the estate is preserved ultimately for your chosen beneficiaries i.e. your children. This is useful if, after one spouse’s death, the other remarries, goes bankrupt, or goes into a care home.

£750+VAT (saving of £250+VAT) compared with individual pricing)

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