Fixed Fee Property Repossession and Eviction

Even the most experienced landlords can find themselves needing legal assistance when dealing with difficult tenants and property possession matters.

If your tenant is late paying the rent we always advise you speak to them first before considering any formal action. There may be a genuine reason for your tenant not to have paid their rent and if possible, you may be able to agree a repayment plan. However, if your tenant has rent arrears in excess of 2 months we can advise you on what action you should take next.

Property repossession services include:

  • Section 8 Notices
  • Section 21 Notices
  • Enforcement Orders
  • Recovery of rent arrears

We offer a fixed fee service that will give you certainty of the cost involved and provide you with the quickest route to repossess your property. Our free initial consultation will cover your particular circumstances, why you wish to repossess the property and we will discuss the options available to you.

Serving the correct notice at the right time is crucial, so we recommend contacting us before taking any formal action. Issuing a defective Notice to your tenants will lead to further delays and increased costs through loss of rent.

There are typically four stages involved in property repossession. At each stage we will give you an upfront fixed fee and you will have the option whether or not to proceed to the next one.

  1. Eviction Notice (checking any existing Notice or drafting and serving one as required)
  2. Possession Proceedings
  3. Enforcement of Possession Order by Eviction
  4. Recovery of costs and arrears

To speak to a property repossession and eviction Solicitor please call Farnworth Rose on 01282 695 400.

Or, if you’d prefer to receive a call back from a member of our team, you can complete our online contact form here.

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