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At Farnworth Rose, our dedicated family and divorce law solicitors have over 35 years’ experience resolving financial issues on divorce.

Our specialist team have extensive experience representing clients in both high-value complex court cases and simple financial agreements.

We understand the financial side of a divorce can seem overwhelming and complex.

However, by contacting the experts at Farnworth Rose, you can receive the help, advice and support you need, no matter what the circumstances.

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Why you need a financial settlement after divorce

The act of divorce itself does not put an end to the financial relationship between you and your partner.

In order to separate finances, a financial settlement must be reached. This is a legally binding decision on how assets and wealth will be split when a marriage has ended.

Even after getting a divorce, both partners will retain the ability to make financial claims against each other if there is no financial settlement in place.

Financial settlement advice from an experienced family law team

When negotiating a financial agreement, English law will seek to share the assets built up during the course of a marriage. This can include property, shares, money, savings, pensions and assets.

When you instruct Farnworth Rose, we will talk to you to understand your individual needs and provide advice on the best way forward to achieve the best possible financial agreement for you.

Our solicitors will always aim to help you resolve any financial disputes without the need to go to court.

However, in some cases, court action is necessary in order to secure a financial settlement.

In these cases, a Judge will decide how the assets are split based on how long you have been married, your age, ability to earn, property, role in the marriage and standard of living.

Arrangements for any children will always take priority in any decision taken by the Court.

Why choose the Farnworth Rose?

Our head of family law, Craig J Baldwin, has over 35 years’ experience helping people in your position achieve the best resolution to all financial matters on divorce.

Craig is one of the most experienced family law experts in the North West and will be on your side to answer any questions you have and support you throughout the process of dealing with financial matters on divorce.

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