Employment Law for Employers

At Farnworth Rose, we offer clear, pragmatic legal advice for employers and businesses from our offices in Nelson and Barrowford.

We’re here to provide the employment and HR support that you need. From reviewing your policies and procedures to providing comprehensive employment law insurance with no hidden costs and no long contracts.

Whether your business needs ongoing legal support or one-off advice, our employment solicitors are just a phone call away.

We work with businesses of all sizes, ensuring they have the legal and HR support they need.

Employment law is a constantly changing sector, with laws and regulations updated regularly. Aiming to keep up to date with this yourself is time-consuming and can quickly become an unwanted hassle.

Our specialist solicitors can assist you in areas including:

How can the employment solicitors at Farnworth Rose help you?

No two businesses are exactly the same. Your employment needs will not be just like the company next door. The number of employees, type of staff, and the service you provide can have a great effect on your needs as a business.

So it would be safe to say that your business needs employment law advice tailored to suit you.

At Farnworth Rose, we offer individual, pro-active advice for employers. This covers a wide range of areas from contracts of employment to disciplinary issues. When the correct procedures are in place, a happy workforce can help your business thrive.

To find out how ongoing support from an experienced employment solicitor can benefit your business, call us now on 01282 695 400.

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Employment Tribunal Claims for Unfair Dismissal, Wrongful Dismissal and Constructive Unfair Dismissal

In the event that you are faced with an Employment Tribunal Claim, the expert solicitors at Farnworth Rose can offer the legal protection that you need.

Our charges for defending a claim of Unfair or Wrong Dismissal brought by a former employee to the point of an Employment Tribunal hearing will usually range from £9,000 to £16,000 (plus Vat) depending upon the relevant facts and complexity of the claim.

Our charges are based upon the work and actual time spent by one of our qualified Solicitors in formulating the business’s defence to the claim and all the working entailed in preparing for the Tribunal hearing, that work being charged at an hourly rate of £200 plus Vat.

In the event there is no settlement of the claim before the Tribunal hearing, there will then be a requirement for a Barrister to present the business’s defence.  The hourly rate a Barrister will charge will be dependent upon his or her expertise and experience.  For these types of claims in the Employment Tribunal, a Barrister’s fee will usually range from £950 to £1,250 plus Vat per day.

Whether you are bringing, or in this case defending a claim in the Employment Tribunal, it is not a fast process. The average time between being notified by the Employment Tribunal that a claim has been issued against a business and that claim being decided upon is currently around 26 weeks.

The key stages of defending a claim being the preparation and submission of the business’s defence, then the collation, disclosure and exchange of documents, the drafting of witness statements and then the Tribunal hearing itself.

If your business is facing an Employment Tribunal, call our specialist solicitors today for initial advice on 01282 695 400.

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