Employment Law for Employees

At Farnworth Rose we offer impartial, sensitive employment advice to help protect the rights of employees in the workplace.

Our employment law team are specialists in their field, meaning that you are guaranteed to have a dedicated employment law solicitor on your side.

How our specialist employment solicitors can help you

Our specialist employment law solicitors in Nelson and Barrowford have represented employees across the North West who have suffered unfair treatment at work, helping them receive thousands of pounds in compensation.

We’ll be there to support you every step of the way, from providing our initial advice right through to bringing a claim against your employer should it prove to be necessary.

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Employment Tribunal Claims for Unfair Dismissal, Wrongful Dismissal and Constructive Unfair Dismissal

Here you can find information on the costs and timescales involved in bringing an Employment Tribunal Claim.

Our charges for pursuing one of these types of claims on your behalf up to the point of an Employment Tribunal hearing will usually range from £9,000 to £14,000 (plus Vat) depending upon the relevant facts and complexity of your claim.

Our charges are based on the actual time spent by one of our qualified Solicitors undertaking the work required to get your claim to the hearing stage, charged at an hourly rate of £200 plus Vat.

In the event your claim does progress to a Tribunal hearing (note the majority of claims settle beforehand) and there is a requirement for a Barrister to present your claim, he or she will charge a fee which will range from £950 to £1,250 plus Vat per day.

Should we agree to pursue your claim under the terms of a Damages-Based Agreement, then our charges will be payable only if you are successful in your claim, whereupon we take a percentage of the monies you are awarded at the Employment Tribunal.

Pursuing a claim in the Employment Tribunal is not a fast process since the average time between the submission of a claim and that claim being decided upon is currently about 26 weeks.

The key stages within that process are the issuing of the claim, receipt of the defence to the claim, the drafting of a schedule of loss, the disclosure and exchange of documents, the preparation of witness statements and then the Tribunal hearing itself.

All this, however, follows a mandatory pre-claim submission stage where ACAS seek to facilitate early settlement of the prospective claim between the parties.

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