Prenuptial Agreement Solicitors

If you are looking to safeguard your assets and income before getting married or when living with your partner, the experts at Farnworth Rose can help you.

Our experienced solicitors can provide independent advice to ensure you fully understand the terms of a prenuptial agreement or cohabitation agreement before you sign any documents.

If you’d like to talk to one of our legal experts about making a prenuptial or cohabitation agreement, call us now on 01282 695 400.

Prenuptial agreements, Cohabitation agreements & Separation Agreements

Here at Farnworth Rose, our experienced family law solicitor will offer you independent advice to help you protect your assets and set out what will happen in the unfortunate event of a relationship breakdown.

Our experienced team is on hand to talk you through the process of making a prenuptial or cohabitation agreement, ensuring that you understand all aspects of the agreement before you sign.

Why should you choose the legal experts at Farnworth Rose?

Our head of family law, Craig J Baldwin, has over 35 years’ experience providing common-sense advice to clients on a range of family law issues. Craig is one of the most experienced and well-respected family law solicitors in the North West and will work tirelessly for you to ensure you have the protection you need.

Craig will be available to answer any questions you have on your prenuptial agreement and to ensure that any agreement you sign is in your best interests.

How to contact Farnworth Rose

You can get in touch with specialist solicitors at Farnworth Rose by calling us now on 01282 695 400.

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