Top Tips for moving home on the most popular day of the year


According to research from the Homeowners Alliance, the most popular day to move home in 2019 will be 30th August.

The research found that August is the most popular month to move home with 75,000 moves expected to take place and 6,500 on 30th August alone.

The school summer holidays are a popular time to move home, with Friday’s often the day of choice allowing time to unpack and settle into a new home over the weekend.

However, if you are planning to move during the busiest time of the year, it is vital to be fully prepared. In our latest infographic, we take a look at simple tips to help you get ready for completion day when moving home:

  1. Aim to avoid exchanging and completing on the same day

A contract will only be binding once the contracts have been exchanged. When the contracts have been formally exchanged between solicitors, a completion date will be written in.

Attempting to exchange contracts and complete on the same day can leave far too little time to prepare for your move. For example, something as simple as a cheque not clearing in time can derail the whole process.

Give yourself plenty of time to organise and prepare for the move.

  1. Make sure any monies are ready and in the right account

Speaking of preparing, being ready to transfer any monies to your solicitor will help to avoid potential delays. Returning any signed documents as quickly as possible will also keep the process moving quickly.

  1. Line up a removal company but don’t commit too soon

Although we would advise lining up a removal company before your exchange, you should wait until contracts have been exchanged before confirming. Things can change quickly between nearly exchanging and really exchanging.

As tempting as it may be to put off the packing, getting most of it done as soon as possible after exchanging contracts will be a great time saver.

  1. Make sure the right people know where you’re going

Many of us know the feeling of moving into a new home and spending the first six months forwarding on letter after letter to the previous owner. So inform those gas, electricity, internet and phone providers and let the bank, the doctors and the DVLA know where you’re going.

  1. Don’t forget the keys!

If you leave a set of keys with your estate agent, we’ll inform them when the monies have been safely received so they can release the keys. If there is no estate agent involved, we’ll ring you to confirm that the money has been transferred.

If you’re purchasing, we’ll let you know as soon as the keys have been released so you pick them up and settle into your new home.

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