Top tips for buying new build homes for sale in Lancashire


With a shortage of housing in the UK, we have seen an increase in new homes being built across the North West.

Burnley and Pendle has already seen large numbers of new homes built, with plans launched for another 500 new homes in Barrowford.

Steps to take when buying a new build home

When buying a new build home, it is vital to instruct an experienced conveyancing solicitor to ensure you receive expert advice on your purchase.

Here, our dedicated residential conveyancing solicitors in Lancashire take a look at the steps you should take before buying a new build home.

Check whether the property is covered by a warranty scheme

All builders and developers should be registered with the National House Builders Council (NHBC) or the property should be covered by a warranty scheme that complies with the Council of Mortgage Lenders requirements. These schemes are there to protect you if there are any structural defects at the home.

At Farnworth Rose, our solicitors can ensure that the property is covered by a warranty which will ensure you are protected if any problems arise.

Get advice on the length of lease and restriction of use

If you are buying a leasehold property it is important to get expert legal advice on the length of the lease.

Leases on new properties are often for a term of 99 or 125 years. To ensure that you are able to take out a mortgage on the property, you should make sure your lease is at least 60 years.

At Farnworth rose, we can provide advice on whether the lease contains any restrictions on how you can use the property.

If you are buying a property where you are required to pay costs to maintain things like communal gardens or lifts, there will normally be a service charge.

By seeking legal advice early, you can reach an agreement on these charges that will protect your interests and avoid costly charges in the future.

Keep mortgage advisors up to date

Unfortunately, when buying a new build home delays can be part of the process. If you do experience any delays, it is important to keep your mortgage lender up to date.

Mortgage offers usually have time limits, so if completion takes longer than expected and you don’t update your lender you could lose your initial mortgage or it could be different terms to those you initially agreed.

Find out what’s included

Never take for granted that the fixtures and fittings you see in the show home will be the same as those in the plot you are buying.

You can check what is included in the sale in the fixtures, fittings and contents form (FFC form) attached to the sale agreement.

If there is anything in the FFC form that you think is incorrect or has been missed, let your conveyancing solicitor know as soon as possible. Your conveyancer can then address any problems for you before contracts are exchanged.

Carry out property searches

Just because you are buying a new build property you shouldn’t take it for granted that searches won’t be needed.

Carrying out searches can cover aspects such as who will be responsible for roads and whether there are any further development proposals close to the property.

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