Farnworth Rose Launch New ‘Assist’ Services


Farnworth Rose Solicitors have launched two new services to give clients more flexibility when they need help dealing with probate and setting up Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA).

Traditionally most law firms charge an hourly rate for these services, but with Probate Assist and LPA Assist clients can decide how much they are happy to undertake themselves and what aspects they would prefer to take specialist legal advice on.

Amanda Coates, Head of Private Client commented:

“For simple estates you don’t always need to use a Solicitor when applying for Grant of Probate or indeed for estate administration. Similarly, with Lasting Powers of Attorney it is possible for anyone to complete the required forms however any mistakes made could prove costly now or in the long term.

We’ve launched the Assist service to ensure that legal advice is accessible to anyone who needs it. They offer value for money, certainty over costs and flexibility. We can provide a fee for a specific task, part of the process or just advice. The client decides how much assistance they need and when.

The reason why I came up with this concept is that I have been dealing with my late father’s estate, something I have done professionally for ten years, but still found some aspects too painful to do myself. Being able to pass some elements on to others has been a big help.

Also due to the Covid-19 pandemic we have seen an increase in the number of enquiries for LPAs. In addition to the risk of becoming ill, social distancing and self-isolation can make it more difficult to for people to manage their affairs and having a power of attorney in place ensures that those people you trust are able to help quickly when needed.”

Over 900,000 LPA registrations have taken place in the last 12 months, with a weekly high of 20,801 from 2nd to 8th March 2020.

For more information on the Assist services please call 01282 695400 or email info@farnworthrose.co.uk