Separation and Divorce: Practical Guidelines During Covid-19


With Government guidelines to stay at home and where possible, work from home due to the Covid-19 virus, this will be an added challenge for those who are wishing to separate or divorce but currently live in the same household.

It is of course not always possible for one or both parties to vacate a property, especially in the current market where house sales and rentals are slowing. It may be wise for parties to have a few simple guidelines to make living together easier during this process:

  • It is important, especially if living with children, that whilst living in the same household, parties should treat each other in a civil and respectful manner. Whilst not always easy, there may need to be a reliance on one another as the pandemic continues.
  • Parties should find a way to communicate with one another, even if this is by way of text or email as oppose to verbal communication. It may be easier and help avoid arguments or conflict arising.
  • If one or both parties are working from home, try to maintain your individual working areas and ensure that each party does not encroach on the others space.
  • Give yourselves space where you can each enjoy some down time alone, hopefully helping to ease any tension in the home.
  • If communication is difficult, try to keep discussions limited to what is needed to resolve an issue.

Of course, no one is expected to endure threatening, harassing or aggressive behaviour from the other party. The Family Court, who are working remotely during this difficult time, are able to hear urgent injunction cases and have been quick to put systems in place allowing for telephone hearings ensuring there is continued access to justice.

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