How can I access my finances whilst isolating?


For many people, isolating due to the Coronavirus can make it difficult to access their finances. However, there are options available to help people manage their affairs whilst isolating.

An ordinary or general power of attorney allows you (the donor) to give another person (the attorney) the right to help them make decisions or take decisions on their behalf. The power will end on loss of capacity or death.

This legal document can only be used if the donor has mental capacity.  It can be used straight away and does not have to be registered, unlike a Lasting Power of Attorney. 

This is useful if things become temporarily difficult to manage their affairs for example, whilst in isolation and dealing with banks, financial institutes or utility companies.

You can simply end the arrangement by revoking the Deed.  If you do this we recommend you put Lasting Powers of Attorneys in its place.  These type of powers will remain in place even if mental capacity is lost.

Making a general power of attorney with Farnworth Rose

We can offer this service remotely so long at some point before signing the documents we can confirm the instruction by video conference.

The cost of this service will be £200.00 plus VAT.

If you would like advice on making a general power of attorney, please email Amanda Coates on