Holiday Illness Claims


For many of us our annual holiday is an opportunity to enjoy a sunshine break with the family, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Most holidays go without a hitch, but what happens when holiday illness ruins your trip abroad?

Salmonella or E.coli food poisoning can have devastating effects on you and your family.

Claiming compensation in the UK for holiday illness abroad

Did you know that under the Package Travel Regulations 1992, tour operators have a legal duty to safeguard holidaymakers from food poisoning and other types of illness which are contracted in hotels as a result of poor food and hygiene?

In other words, if you contract Salmonella food poisoning in a holiday hotel which was booked as part of a package holiday you can claim compensation from the tour operator when you return to the UK with the help of Farnworth Rose Solicitors. We work on a no win, no fee basis and will be happy to advise you of the amount of compensation you are likely to receive.

Common causes of holiday illness abroad

Common causes of holiday illness abroad include:

  • Salmonella food poisoning ‘ often caused when food is not stored, cooked or served correctly and becomes contaminated
  • Cryptosporidium infection ‘ commonly caused by faecal matter in swimming pools being ingested by swimmers
  • Norovirus  – often contracted from food handlers who are carrying the virus and have not washed their hands properly
  • Shigella ‘ usually contracted when holidaymakers eat food which has been contaminated by food  handlers carrying the bacteria
  • Campylobacter ‘ is often contracted by eating raw or undercooked meat, particularly poultry

How to make a successful holiday illness claim

In order to make a successful holiday illness claim, you should:

  • Seek medical attention in the resort
  • Report your illness to the hotel staff and to your representative
  • Complete a complaints form in the resort and inform the holiday representative too. Make sure you get a copy of the complaint you have made in writing.
  • Gather as much evidence as possible at the hotel to support your claim, such as photographic/video evidence of poor standards of food, hygiene or maintenance
  • Keep a copy of all medical prescriptions and bills
  • Keep a note of the contact details of other people who have suffered similar symptoms at your hotel
  • Retain of any other out-of-pocket expenses you have incurred as a result of your illness
  • Keep a copy of any complaint form you send to the tour operator on your return.
  • See your GP if you still feel unwell.
  • Contact Farnworth Rose Solicitors for free legal advice and guidance as soon as possible

It is important to remember never to accept any offer of compensation from the tour operator before you contact us, as you could be entitled to much more.

Why should I choose Farnworth Rose?

We have over 50 years´ combined experience of successfully handling compensation claims for many holidaymakers each year. We also work tirelessly on your behalf to ensure you get the full amount of compensation you deserve.

Anne Thomson, Head of Travel Law at Your Holiday Claims, part of Farnworth Rose Solicitors has over 25 years’ experience in this sector and has successfully helped thousands of people across the UK to receive the highest compensation amounts possible.

Anne has previously worked for major tour operators including Thomas Cook, Thomson/First Choice and has the experience, background knowledge and expertise to recover the compensation you deserve.

Tracy Stansfield, an experienced solicitor Farnworth Rose Solicitors, has over 20 years’ experience representing the victims of holiday accidents and illness.

Dealing with a whole range of holiday illnesses and injuries arising from accidents abroad, Tracy has headed up her own personal injury department and handled cases ranging from minor injuries, to injuries with life changing consequences. Tracy works with her clients to ensure they receive the maximum compensation due to them.

If you would like to pursue a claim for holiday illness compensation, or if you would like more information after suffering illness abroad in a package holiday, call us today for a free consultation on: 0800 01 54321 or simply complete the online claim form and we will contact you as soon as possible.