Guidance released on working safely during coronavirus


For those employers who are already have employees working and for those in the process of having employees return to work, the Government has released its guidance on working safely during the coronavirus pandemic.

It can be found here:

The guidance is broken down into different sectors and sets out the steps employers and employees should take in the workplace to follow the social distancing rules and prevent the spread of coronavirus.

All employers who are planning to start the process of reopening their workplace (in light of the easing of the lockdown) should familiarise themselves with this document and (where possible) take the necessary steps to comply with the guidance.

Employers should liaise with their staff to explain what measures they have put in place to ensure their health and safety when returning to work and how such measures will achieve the aims of the guidance. Employees are able to refuse to return to work if they reasonably consider that their health and safety is at risk, so employers are advised to be open and honest about the measures they will take to make a return to the workplace as safe as possible.

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