Farnworth Rose Solicitors Raise Over £30k for Cancer Research UK


Nelson Solicitors Farnworth Rose raised £31,020 worth of gifts from people choosing to leave a legacy to Cancer Research UK in their will in 2020. The CRUK free wills scheme was used by 70 clients throughout the year, with the vast majority leaving pledged legacy income.

The firm has been offering the Free Will Service to clients since 2019, giving advice and support for those wishing to write a will or update an existing one. As part of the service Farnworth Rose give free guidance for those wishing to leave a legacy gift for Cancer Research UK.

Lois Dixon, Wills and Probate Solicitor at Farnworth Rose said: “We have received a great response to the Free Will service and we have had many clients leaving donations due to friends or members of the family who have been affected by cancer. We find it is a charity that is close to many people”.

A legacy gift can be anything someone wishes to leave in their will. Traditionally this is money, but it could be anything that has a monetary value like land or property or a specific item. Anything left to Cancer Research UK will be free of tax and can be marked to be ring-fenced for research into a specific cancer type or research within a local area.

Clare Moore, Director of Legacies at Cancer Research UK, explained: “We all reach a stage at some point in our lives where we start to look ahead and consider what will happen to our financial affairs in the future, when we may no longer be around.

By offering Cancer Research UK’s Free Will Service the team at Farnworth Rose have become well informed about our work and are very supportive of our life-saving research. Whenever their clients express a desire to support us, their team act with great sensitivity as they explain the various options and allow individuals or families to make the right choice in their own good time.”

The Free Will Service has been running successfully for over 20 years. Anyone who wishes to use the service is asked to consider leaving a legacy gift to Cancer Research UK, but is under no obligation to do so.

For more information please call 01282 695400 or email info@farnworthrose.co.uk