10 Coronavirus Scams To Watch Out For


Here are 10 coronavirus related scams to be aware of. Please share!

1. Criminals using the internet, telephones and doorstep calls to exploit fear of the coronavirus pandemic.

2. Scams that include the sale of fake sanitisers, bogus demands for donations and false offers to run errands for the elderly and vulnerable.

3. Fraudsters offering “health supplements” that claim to prevent infection from the COVID-19 virus.

4. Being tricked into opening email attachments that will reveal your bank details and other personal information.

5. Fraudsters offering counterfeit hand sanitisers, masks and virus-swabbing kits online and by door-to-door callers.

6. Bogus telephone callers claiming to be from banks, building societies and utility companies urging victims to reveal passwords and PIN codes.

7. Dodgy doorstep callers urging victims to donate towards research for a coronavirus vaccine.

8. Bogus tradesmen offering to carry out work for extravagant fees.

9. Texts or emails supposedly from DVLA asking you to click on a website link to claim a vehicle tax rebate.

10. Texts or emails supposedly from HMRC asking you to click a website link to claim your tax rebate.

With thanks to Bill Jones AML & Financial Crime Consultant.